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The ecological cardboard hanger,
for a circular economy and
zero waste

Let's say stop to plastic !

Long time relegated to a single prosaic use, cardboard is making a comeback on our store shelves.

All of our cardboard hangers are made from recycled paper. 100% recyclable, they contribute to a circular and zero waste economy.

Made from laminated or compressed cardboard, our high density hangers are extremely strong. They can support up to 9kg.

Entirely bespoke developed, our hangers are free of varnish or toxic and harmful substances. Only soy inks or water or plant based gles are used in the design of our hangers.

We offer different thicknesses (between 2mm and 3.5mm) in order to adapt the strength of the hanger to its shape as well as the use you will make of it.

Space-saving, our cardboard hangers can be stored flat, saving your space. They can also allow you to double your linear space.

Lightweight, our cardboard hangers help to reduce the carbon footprint linked to transport.