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alternative to the plastic hanger

The signing of the European Plastic Pact on March 6, 2020 by 14 European countries and 40 manufacturers is historic. By 2025, single-use plastic packaging and products must be made reusable and recyclable.

Aware of the considerable impact of the textile industry on the environment, we are committed to promoting responsible and sustainable practices throughout our supply chain. We therefore select our raw materials from clean and eco-responsible sectors, favoring short cycles, minimizing waste and chemicals.

– Our wooden hangers are FSC certified, from forests managed sustainably and respectful of biodiversity.
– Our cardboard hangers are 100% recycled and recyclable in simple selective sorting terminals.

In addition, we are committed to respecting the working conditions of our providers and suppliers, advocating fairness and responsibility. We are engaged in an eco-design approach to offer you innovative, aesthetic, robust and environmentally friendly materials, while guaranteeing an impeccable quality for our customers.

we are cardboard pioneers

Our range of cardboard hangers is unique but also the most complete on the market. Made for many years in China, from recycled paper or wood and 100% recyclable, our products are robust, with different thicknesses available to meet all needs.

No chemicals are used. This material is certified sustainable and renewable. The resources used are infinitely reusable.

Once accused of damaging forest biodiversity by transforming them into intensive plantations intended for the production of paper pulp, the environmental impact is now drastically reduced thanks to the exploitation at an industrial level of bamboo forests in China in the “Tree Rivers” region.

In fact, the paper industry as a whole is involved in the certification and sustainable forest management system (FSC).

fsc certified

Always concerned about reducing our ecological footprint, we have chosen to have our practices certified in order to guarantee our customers hangers that respect the criteria allowing us to preserve people and our environment..

We therefore strive to combine aesthetics and ecology. All our wooden hangers come from sustainably managed forests (FSC certified), that is to say according to rules which allow wood to be produced while ensuring its longevity. These are forests where biodiversity is respected – its soil, its water, its rhythm – and where trees are planted as they are harvested.

climate plan for companies

Frise du climat

No more plastic

Ozena supports No More Plastic Foundation.

No More Plastic Foundation (abbreviated No More Plastic) is a living, non-profit organization in “start-up mode”.
Our mission is to prevent plastic and microplastic pollution, which has become a public health issue, by raising awareness about the effects of the overconsumption and overproduction of plastic, by promoting and advocating for sustainable alternatives and by fostering solutions to create a better world. 

We support the development of innovative solutions to end the cycle of plastics and microplastics, both in the environment and in our bodies, in order to invent the future.

​Our goal is to contribute to a world free of plastic pollution.