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systeme u et le rse


SYSTEME U is a distribution group bringing together the brands : Huper U, Super U, U Express, Utile  and Marché U.

There are more than 1500 stores in France, with cooperative operation.

Committing to societal and environmental transformations are he pillars of the CSR policy initiated by large groups in recent years..

SYSTEME U stores were the pioneers in France on the plastic reduction policy in their hypermarkets and supermarkets group’s .

OZENA has been listed since 2021 as the official supplier of cardboard hangers for SYSTEME U suppliers.


In partnership with the brand’s product managers, we worked for more than 6 months to develop models in 4 areas : lingerie, footwear, accessories, nightwear.

We have carried out numerous tests with the aim of improving the models and their functionality by taking into account the constraints of use that the product undergo in a large supermarket.

SYSTEME U wanted a global and simplified offer for all its suppliers, worldwide.

We have set up an interface dedicated to supplers for placing orders and organize deliveries to all the countries concerned (China, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Turkey, Portugal, France…).

Our 2 logistics units in France an China allow us to store and organize deliveries quickly in each country.