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  • wood

the wooden hanger,
for forests
sustainably managed

FSC Certification !

All our wooden hangers come from sustainably managed forests (FSC certified), that is to say according to rules which allow the production of wood while ensuring its sustainability.

Always considered as a noble material, wood represents sobriety and elegance. Respect for a living material which shines on the clothing it wears and which is also entirely customizable.

Our hangers can be used as professional equipment, shops and also at home.

Our both production units make it possible to produce series of large quantities that are fully customizable.

Choose your beech, maple, oak or ash species and define the treatment that suits you: raw, varnished, stained, lacquered, or your colors using a color chart or your RAL references.

You can also personalize the hook in nickel, chrome, matte, brass or black.

With our wide range of products, you can add your own logo to the hanger of your choice. We offer  different type of marking as pad printing, laser and thermal printing.

Our wooden hangers are special and original pieces and that’s what makes all the difference for your customers.

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